YouthPort Has Had a Busy and Eventful Summer

YouthPort is proud to have been actively engaged this summer in several community-related endeavors that highlight challenges faced by many Cedar Rapidians and the provision of critical resources  to those who need it most.

YouthPort’s activities included:

  • Tanager Place Summer Fest – Saturday, June 7th
  • Taylor Area Neighborhood Association (TANA)/Taylor CAN Community Meeting – Wednesday, June 16
  • Polk Scholarship Awards Ceremony (sponsored by Daybreak Rotary) – Friday, June 20th 
  • Young Parents Network Summer Picnic – Wednesday, June 26th      
  • Great Eastern Iowa Duck Race – Saturday, July 17
  • #NBAD & Fatherhood Alliance Big Truck Event – Saturday, July 26th
  • Revival Theatre’s Summer Academy for Children – Tuesday, July 29th and Friday, August 1st
  • BGCCR’s Annual Fish-o-Rama Event – Saturday, August 2nd and Sunday, August 3rd
  • Eastside Market Back to School Community Event (Polk  & South BGCCR) – Thursday, August 7th