YouthPort Updates

19 July

Building an Inclusive Community

Join us on Monday, August 22nd for Building an Inclusive Community! Building an Inclusive Community is an informational training opportunity bringing education and awareness for providers working with diverse populations in the Cedar Rapids community. The information provided in this training will include topics related to recent trends, statistics and immigration, as well as provide […]

3 June

Suicide and Youth: A Symposium for Hope

YouthPort was proud to be a major sponsor of the Suicide and Youth: A Symposium for Hope event! This event had over 200 people attend and we brought in some phenomenal speakers to talk about youth and suicide. This event was held at the Kirkwood Hotel and Convention Center.   With 1 in 5 children […]

3 June

YouthPort hosts LEP Summit for African Refugees

YouthPort hosted a Community Development Summit for Limited English Proficiency African Refugees in April 2016 to facilitate a community-based discussion on how to better respond to the needs of African refugees currently living in our community. As the current refugee population has grown, and with the projection of many new refugee families being resettled in […]

Our Impact

  • Diane Landrus – Young Parents Network Volunteer

    “I have never ever walked out of here regretting coming.  Ever.  It’s so rewarding to be a part of this.  I am just very fortunate to have this opportunity.“

    Watch Diane’s Story

    - Diane Landrus – Young Parents Network Volunteer
  • Heather – Young Parents Network Mom

    “You feel comfortable as a person coming to them with problems you may have.   I’ll call if I have anything I need and they’re always very willing to help.  It’s nice to have that network of people around you.”

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    - Heather – Young Parents Network Mom
  • Bart – Boys & Girls Club Volunteer

    “You come to something like this hoping you can help, assuming that maybe you can be a good role model or have some impact and I’m convinced that I get more out of this than any of the kids do.  It’s the highlight of my week”

    Watch Bart’s Story

    - Bart – Boys & Girls Club Volunteer
  • Miguel – Young Parents Network Dad

    “The most important thing I learned here at YPN is first of all, patience.  You’ve got to be very, very patient and that takes a lot of skill.  I’m still working on that.  I learned that, your kids, they think you’re the coolest person in the world.  That’s basic and my job is to live up to that standard from the time they’re born to hopefully all the time.”

    Watch Miguel’s Story

    - Miguel – Young Parents Network Dad
  • Abbie and Allison – Boys and Girls Club

    “I love coming here.  I hate it when I miss a day because then I don’t get to see my friends who come here.  What I like about YouthPort is we come and have a good time.  We are safe and I think that’s a good environment for all of us to be in.”

    Watch Abbie and Allison’s story

    - Abbie and Allison – Boys and Girls Club
  • Travon Jackson – age 13, Polk Unit

    “I started coming to my Club four years ago because my mom wanted me to be off the streets after school.  Having been from Chicago, it was important for me to have something different to do and to be away from the wrong crowd of people.  I like the sports program because we get to play dodgeball and basketball.  I also like the art program, especially painting.  There are two staff members who have been influential in my life since I started coming to the Club.  Ms. Iris has influenced me because she taught me to be a leader and not to follow the crowd.  Jerome has also been influential because he is fun to hang out with.”

    - Travon Jackson – age 13, Polk Unit
  • Terrance Wilson – age 9, Taylor Unit

    “I started coming to my Club two years ago because both of my parents work and I needed a safe place to go after school.  My favorite activity at my Club is Toyota Financial Services Day because the staff and volunteers always come up with a fun theme and have fun activities for us to do all afternoon. Emma would be the staff who has been most influential for me because she always helps me.  She also made me feel good by choosing me for the member spotlight.”


    - Terrance Wilson – age 9, Taylor Unit
  • Tanager Place Family

    “There are no words to express how grateful we are for all of the Tanager staff’s time, help, wisdom, listening ears and encouragement. Each and every one has touched our son’s life in one way or another and will never ever be forgotten.”

    - Tanager Place Family
  • Tanager Place Family

    “Our daughter is ever changing in her physical and psychological needs.  Our counselor is always one step ahead in projecting her needs and how to meet them.  Our daughter says that she is “very nice and helpful and explains things to me.”

    - Tanager Place Family
  • Barb Appleget, We Care Shop

    “I feel blessed to be able to help the young families at YPN; whether it’s helping with gifts for the holidays, being able to listen to women talk about furthering their education or being able to work with such caring staff all these years.”

    - Barb Appleget, We Care Shop