Boys & Girls Clubs @ Hoover Site

Programming at the Hoover Site is facilitated by our partner organization Boys & Girls Clubs of the Corridor (BGCC). The site is located at St. Mark’s United Methodist Church. Programming focuses on BGCC’s 6 core values: Education & Technology, Workforce Readiness, Health & Wellness, Character & Leadership, The Arts, and Sports & Recreation. 

2022-2023 Improvements

1 %
Reading Skills
1 %
Math skills
1 %
School Attendance
1 %
Engagement in learning

What our families say:

"It's a great program. My son enjoys it a lot. I'm so glad he's involved."
Club Parent
"The program staff talked openly with me about my child's behavior, overall progress, and involvement in activities."
Club Parent
"My child's reading, writing, and math skills are better because of 21CCLC programming."
Club Parent

Skill Growth

Most families reported growth in math, reading, and writing skills because of programming. 

Improved Mood

Most families reported that their child’s mood and overall positivity improved since participating in programming.

Family Engagement

Most families reported that they found family nights to be helpful. 

What school staff say:

"The Boys & Girls Club has long been an essential part of what makes Hoover such a special place for our students. The care that James and his staff demonstrate for our students, along with the collaboration he has demonstrated when necessary, with staff, have led to success for our students both academically and emotionally. Boys & Girls Club is a rock that our kids can depend on and is a huge part of what makes our work as a community-based school such a success. The support that James and his staff provide to our students and their families is crucial to their success."
Clint Stone
Hoover Principal
"The Boys & Girls Club is an invaluable program for our students at Hoover Elementary. The students absolutely love going every day after school! They know that it is a safe and fun environment where they can get needed help with academics or just hang out and participate in fun organized activities with trusted adults. Teachers are extremely thankful to Club leaders. They are willing to work together to help students be respectful and responsible and they give them a sense of belonging."
Diane Kuch
Hoover Teacher
"The Boys & Girls Club program is as important to my students as the time they spend in my classroom. The consistency and support my students get by going to club after school, and during the summer, definitely puts them at an advantage to students who do not attend. As a teacher, I always know the B & G staff have my back and will do anything to help support their kids academically and socially. Club kids can be easily picked out of my classroom during the day, because these are the students who can play games cooperatively, who have problem solving life skills, who show respect to all adults and have great attendance. "
Kathryn Stapleton
Hoover Teacher