Members of the YouthPort advisory board represent the interests of all three organizations.

Boys & Girls Clubs of the Corridor

John Tursi

executive director, bGCC

David Ernst

cedar point capital partners

Amy Miller

Hills Bank & Trust company

“I joined Youthport as I have a passion for helping youth in our community get to their full potential, and this board has an innovative and collaborative approach to getting youth and their families the services and support they need to succeed.”


Alejandro Pino


“I highly regard YouthPort’s capacity to magnify our influence on families and children. Through our collaboration, we leverage our distinct strengths to deeply impact our participants, both presently and in the foreseeable future.”

Matt Evans

Truenorth companies

“I choose to be a part of YouthPort because it creates a holistic approach to support and care that starts at Prenatal visits with parents and young families of need and follows their entire journey till those newborns go to college. YouthPort gives families and children access to resources and care through each stage of their lives and does so in a collaborative manner that creates wins for our community.”

Shaun Barry

Hills Bank & Trust Company

“Being a part of the YouthPort Board is an honor for me because I get to collaborate with three wonderful organizations that aim to enhance the well-being of children and young families. YouthPort supports you from the beginning and throughout your journey.”

Chad Koutny


“The most rewarding part of being a YouthPort board member is seeing the partnerships between YPN, Tanager Place, and Boys & Girls Club all working towards the common goal of helping young families and children in our surrounding communities!”


Okpara Rice

chief executive officer, tanager

“One of the areas I continue to be the most impressed about is the power of this collaboration. We have brought three different but mission driven organizations together and have weathered the ups and downs. We continue to come together to find meaningful solutions and ways we can continue to uplift our community. I have heard others say collaboration is hard but I beg to differ. You just need to have the right partners who are in lockstep in making a difference. And that is what we have in YouthPort.”

Lisa Thirnbeck

Community volunteer

“My favorite part of being a YouthPort board member is being able to work with three well respected nonprofits in the community and be a part of the collaboration that works for the betterment of the community.”

Brandi Mueller

The overture group

“I chose to be on the YouthPort Advisory Board because of the collaboration, the impact YouthPort is making for our community. Hands down, the people are amazing – I am proud to be a part of the organization!”