Our History

YouthPort originally launched as a pilot program in 2012, when Boys & Girls Clubs of the Corridor, Tanager, and YPN recognized an unmet need for local youth after the closing of a northeast Cedar Rapids school. After witnessing so much success with the pilot program, the three organizations created a formal agreement to continue giving our community greater access to resources through their collaboration.

A Unique Purpose

YouthPort was created to provide a centralized referral network between the programs and services that each partner organization provides. Further, YouthPort aims to break down barriers for families in need to make agency and community resources easily accessible. Programs are designed by child development experts to meet the needs of children of all ages and are centered on family involvement and education. Through this collaboration, kids have access to a multitude of resources continuously and uninterrupted from birth to age 18. Individually, each partner agency is an expert in a certain period or facet of child development. Together, they serve the whole person and the whole family without duplicating services.

Our Milestones


The pilot program, formerly known as the Child Family Community Partnership, became a formal agreement. 


YouthPort offers out-of-school time programming in two neighborhoods.


YouthPort expands out-of-school time programming in three neighborhoods.

What is YouthPort?