Freedom Schools at Roosevelt

Freedom Schools programming at our Roosevelt Site is facilitated by our partner organization Tanager. Programming takes place at Roosevelt Creative Corridor Business Academy. Programming focuses on five essential components: high quality academic and character-building enrichment; parent and family involvement; civic engagement and social action; intergenerational servant leadership development; and nutrition, health and mental health. 

What is Freedom Schools?

The CDF Freedom Schools program is designed to increase literacy, self-esteem, socio-emotional skills, and a love of learning for children in grades K-12. Through a research-based and multicultural model, the CDF Freedom Schools program inspires participants, known as “scholars,” to believe in their ability to make a difference in themselves, their families, and their communities, with hope, education, and action.

The CDF Freedom Schools program encourages scholars to embrace their cultural history and reinforces confidence in their abilities. Throughout the program, scholars build their personal libraries, establish dedicated reading times, attend field trips, and become energized for learning through the morning rally which includes singing, cheers, and chants.

CDF Freedom Schools programs are led by young-adult teachers and mentors, known as Servant Leader Interns, who come from diverse backgrounds and help scholars envision themselves as future college students, advocates, and leaders.

What Our Youth Say:

"I love the staff because they care about us enough to take care of us even thought it might interfere with their life."
2023-2024 Scholar
"Every day we are greeted with happy smiles and laughs. Being around Scholars is like a reward that is worth gold. Nothing compares to the feeling of being loved by others!"
2023-2024 Scholar
"I love Freedom Schools because Mr. Jordan is nice. I have time to talk to my friends and everything is good. I enjoy coming here."
2023-2024 Scholar


Thirty-three 6th graders are participating in the 2023-2024 school year program. Three seventh and eighth graders have returned as Junior servant leaders interns to assist with programming. 

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