Serving families in new ways: Tanager Place Pediatric Integrated Health

Did you know there are multiple resources available through the YouthPort partners?

In addition to the resources offered at our three locations, families are encouraged to take advantage of other services offered by either Tanager Place, Boys and Girls Clubs of Cedar Rapids, and Young Parents Network.

Tanager Place is proud to offer a new program for families on Medicaid — Pediatric Integrated Health (PIH).

What is PIH?

PIH is a new program that provides extra support for children and families on Medicaid. A professional PIH Care Team comes alongside each family to assist them in areas of health and wellness.

Service providers and health care systems don’t have to be complicated when a team is working on your behalf.

Your Tanager Place PIH Care Team will:

  • Coordinate a child’s behavioral and medical care
  • Help families find doctors or assist with medication management
  • Make referrals to needed resources on behalf of families
  • Provide self-management and wellness education
  • Offer one-on-one support to address family needs and questions

The Care Team provides a personalized care plan and 24/7 support.

Who is eligible?

PIH is free to families with a child who is Medicaid eligible and who has a psychiatric diagnosis.

Questions or to enroll:

If you would like to learn more about PIH or enroll in these free services, please contact Tanager Place PIH today. Our staff is here to help answer your questions and find the best resources for your child.

Call us at 319-286-4530 or email us at:
You can also find more information at Tanager Place’s website.