!!! 6th Annual Eastern Iowa Duck Race !!!


It’s that time of year again ~ Daybreak Rotary has kicked off the 6th Annual Great Eastern Iowa Duck Race! You’re just a click away from winning one of 38 great prizes including a chance at $10,000!

The overall goal of the race is to sell 20,000 ducks!   Why 20,000 ducks, you ask?  


To help us reach our goal, please visit this link –

Click on TEAM and find our TEAM NAME – YOUTHPORT
We are listed under the TEAM NAME – “YOUTHPORT” and we will get the credit for your support!  It’s that EASY!!

Daybreak Rotary is pleased to announce that for the 6th year in a row, because of our great sponsors, ALL of the duck adoption monies will go back into our community. By purchasing a duck you are supporting YouthPort, (a partnership between the Boys & Girls Clubs of Cedar Rapids, Young Parents Network and Tanager Place). Additionally, proceeds will be donated to Big Brothers Big Sisters, Kids First Law Center, and the John Cushing Sunshine Grant Fund.  

Here is how your participation in the Great Eastern Iowa Duck Race is helping YouthPort.


  • brings resources together to answer basic needs of kids and families.
  • serves three specific neighborhoods:
  •     Polk Alternative Education Center  –  Taylor Elementary  –  Hoover Elementary
  • is a new model of outreach that can be duplicated.
  • Website, name, and logo:
  • outcomes:  Serving more than 200 children
  • 66% growth since inception in 2012
  • Direct care from 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
  • Educational opportunities, academic support, volunteer engagement, organized supervision

Feel free to browse the website to see all of our generous sponsors, all the fantastic prizes you could win and to see Lucky – he’ll be all over town!

Thank you for your support in the 6th Annual Great Eastern Iowa Duck Race!!

Duck Race Advertisement

Duck Race Advertisement