You Have a Friend In Me

Do you know Randy Newman’s theme song to the movie Toy Story? Who doesn’t know that song? It is precious and a favorite at our office.

Today was a very special day for YouthPort! This morning, YouthPort staff met at   the Cedar Rapids Daybreak Rotary group to update them on all the changes that have occurred within YouthPort over the last few months, celebrate the successes and work through some barriers to successful implementation. The “Three Amigos” (a self-named group of the three Executive Director’s from YPN, Tanager Place and B & GC) got to share a bit of an update on the progress YouthPort has seen over the last quarter."The Three Amigos"

Although not an official “partner” of YouthPort, Daybreak Rotary is an integral and essential component to YouthPort. They provide so much support to YouthPort through their volunteer efforts, community engagement and much, much more. We could not be a functional collaborative without their involvement so we are very proud and humbled by their support.

They are nothing short of the best darn Rotary group in the Corridor!

Our meeting today was fundamental to our ongoing friendship and partnership as we move YouthPort along! Some of the friendly faces featured in the next photos is Brian Globokar, Community Outreach Chair at Daybreak Rotary, and some of the kiddos Boys & Girls Club works with on a regular basis!

Dec 12 - 2014 - Daybreak Rotary, BGC Kids

We indeed are honored by their commitment to our YouthPort collaborative and truly feel as though we have a “friend” in their group. We can rely on them, trust them, and know they always have our best interest in mind (not to mention that they are a fun bunch)!

Cue Randy Newman’s “You Have a Friend in Me” song from Toy Story.

Thank you, Daybreak Rotary, for your involvement in YouthPort!

For more information on the Daybreak Rotary group in Cedar Rapids, please feel free to check out their Facebook page here.