Zones of Regulation Success

This school year at Taylor started out tough for 4th grader Alik.  Alik struggled to handle his day without getting frustrated and once he felt strained he would act out and disrupt class.  He often left the room angry and his loud booming voice attracted negative attention from everyone.  Alik was sent out to the office multiple times each day for his outbursts.

Alik was a part of the after school program with Boys & Girls Club and it was there that he started to learn more about how to cope.

The staff shared specific tools during Power Hour using a new curriculum called Zones of Regulation which helps youth to learn to regulate their emotions and deal with their surroundings without explosive negative behaviors.

Alik shared that deep breathing and asking for help are two tools he learned through Zones  of Regulation and they have both helped him stay focused, on task and in his classroom.  In fact, the past two months Alik has not had a single incident that he was called away from his classroom.  Alik is working hard and the Club/21st Century Grant Learning program provided him with a valuable resource that is helping him achieve.