Empowering Families and Strengthening Neighborhoods

The mission of YouthPort is to provide a safe harbor for families and neighborhoods guiding and supporting for a better community.

The program will work to develop a model of outreach that can be duplicated in at-risk neighborhoods providing: shelter & safety, nutritious meals, academic support, social skill development, prenatal and parenting education and support, opportunities to boost parental engagement and mental health counseling. Professional input of three non-profits provides direct care services impacting children from conception to high school age.

The strengths of this service model are as follows:

  • Programs are capable of being individualized to meet the specific neighborhood needs
  • Programs are designed by child development professionals and meet the needs of a diverse age range
  • Family involvement and education intervention are a key part of the programs
  • Supervision and safe structured activities are available from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
  • Successful volunteer program model is available with proven track record of support
  • Programs meet the needs identified by the Neighborhood Association for each neighborhood where services are provided
  • Network of services work toward meeting health indicators identified by the Community Health Needs Assessment: Obesity, Substance Abuse, Access to Healthcare and Mental Health